Your new sales professional:
Amazon Agency YellowSky

Your new sales professional:
Amazon Agency YellowSky

Better data. Right strategy. More turnover.

What does an Amazon agency do?

She speaks fluent amazonian, understands the algorithms and knows ways to present products in the best way for customers to buy. Success on Amazon is so much more than content optimization, rankings and advertising.

An Amazon agency also takes care of the many small adjusting screws beyond the beautiful surface. And that’s what YellowSky stands for: The sales agency for your sales success on Amazon.


Professionals trade for you: with and on Amazon – the simple all-in-one solution

Amazon Vendor Management

Your Vendor Central is completely managed by specialists.

Process optimization for vendors

Avoid chargebacks and shortage claims in the future.


We act for you:
with and on Amazon

Working with Amazon is too time-consuming and nerve-wracking for you? Don’t want to deal with time-consuming bookkeeping, arbitrary invoice cuts and tough order management requirements?

Then our e-distribution is the perfect solution for you: We order the goods directly from you – simple and clearly calculable!

With the focus on your products, we take care of the optimal presentation and the perfect, sales-oriented content. In this way, we increase the relevance of your brand and increase your market share.

You benefit from Amazon’s reach and sales without having to use your own resources.

Your products will be bought more on other retail channels as well.

You can concentrate on your core business and obtain production and purchasing security.


Your agent for sales growth on Amazon

We take over the complete vendor management for you, relieve and strengthen your team. This starts with the review of their distribution contract with Amazon, continues with listing and content production, planning and execution of marketing and sales promotions, and ends with support in process optimization, order processing, and problem resolution (penalties, invoice reductions, etc.).

You conserve your own resources, reduce deductions and improve your liquidity.

Your products are found better, which leads to higher sales and you gain market share.

Our comprehensive monitoring of your products and the markets ensures higher performance and increases market opportunities.


Avoid chargebacks and shortage claims in the future

We estimate that a vendor loses up to 10% of its Amazon revenue due to penalties and invoice reductions.

In our comprehensive audit, we analyze your existing processes, find the causes of chargebacks as well as shortage claims and help you avoid them in the future.

In addition, our experienced accounting team will recover the unauthorized penalties and invoice reductions for you.

You improve your margins, become faster and more efficient.

You can make better use of your valuable internal resources and no longer waste time on laborious contradictions.

Our experience from many years of vendor business will help you to optimize your internal processes.

Why YellowSky?



Million EUR

Sales for our customers



we look after

more than



who trust us

Here you’ll meet Amazon sales professionals, e-commerce experts, marketing cracks and data analytics specialists all under one roof.

We combine…

excellent market knowledge

Comprehensive know-how in international e-commerce

many years of experience in stationary trade

…and focus uncompromisingly on your success on Amazon.

Our team

Go on an excursion and get to know our friendly team! Each of your contacts has special skills and expert knowledge for a successful Amazon agency and your sales success on Amazon. In addition, each team member here captivates with its unique personality. We carry this reflection to the outside world – our welcoming culture for positive and efficient communication.

Ralf Renner

Managing Director

Ralf is extremely structures. His days and weeks take their course only according to a system. His dog Frieda can tell you a thing or two about it, because she usually experiences this very closely in the office. For example when Ralf drinks coffee by the gallon while being engrossed in writing newsletters and blogs. Or when he reliably sorts the meat out that Frieda loves so much. And when he always keeps track of everything and shows off his knowledge that it beggars all descriptions.

He is the walking Amazon encyclopedia and has seen and experienced just about everything in his 12 years at Amazon. As the expert for advertisement, communication and marketing, he takes the responsibility for all contents, the keyword research, A+ detail pages and brand store.

Get in touch with Ralf if you want to:

  • optimise your product representation on Amazon,
  • push forward new products fast to page 1 and optimise the ranking,
  • You would like to implement highly responsive Amazon management.

Stephan Stoppok

Managing Director

Caution, ideas are coming! If one strikes, then there is no holding back. For Stephan enforces strategically what comes to his mind. Even though he is on fire for his business, he never leaves scorched earth behind. He is far too social and charming. However, sitting is not his favourite activity, as he completes meetings like endurance runs. Stephan has unbelievably much power. That is to say he consumes canned energy. Plenty of it!

For almost 20 years Stephan sells his products on Amazon. As marketing expert he knows the stationary trade as well as the Amazon universe in every sense.

Get in touch with Stephan if you:

  • need a sparring partner for strategies and ideas for your Amazon-Business,
  • like ideas that are thought outside the box and that fire your online business,
  • would like to have your Amazon-Vendor Account analysed in order to identify potentials.

Nanette Heckmann

Operational Management

She has got the travel bug and loves to espy new beautiful destinations. However, in our firm she is usually busy searching. In fact searching for solutions of all tasks and challenges that arise in working life. And she is finding them and working consequently in our projects on brilliant solutions. Always! For our customers and our team … from the beginning on. She will find the golden thread for the boss if he has lost it once again. Actually, she is our fairy godmother who is never aloof.

Her welcome page is “Managing contradictions” on VendorCentral. She knows listing sheets from column A to XX by heart and almost all members of Amazon Support by name.

Get in touch with Nanette if you:

  • despair once again of Amazon-Support,
  • have the feeling that the compensation payments to Amazon almost exceed your turnover,
  • your products on the Amazon website do not look the way you wish.

Kathleen Wagner


She knows the score and what to do about it. With a charming smile, eloquence and candour, she hits the nail on the head. This fascinates especially men immensely. And it produces a positive atmosphere which is important to her. For all the stress. For anything else, there is alternative medicine. Kathleen is our heart and soul with the extraordinary talent of juggling numbers.

Kathleen maybe understands Amazons accounting better than Amazon itself. She is master of hundreds of thousands posting records, knows every outstanding bill and painstakingly enforces every cent from Amazon.

Get in touch with Kathleen if:

  • VRET, SCR, DA, VIR, LWA or APP is just scrambled text for you,
  • invoice cuttings by Amazon are on the daily agenda of your accounting,
  • you are looking for automation solutions for your Amazon accounting.

Matthias Walther

Project Manager

From the very beginning, Matthias has been our perfectionist for every occasion: he is funny, pursues a straight line and reaches the goal easily. That’s where he wants to go, because he is already at Z when A is not even announced. Using all numbers and excel tricks of this world, together with peace of mind. That’s where he regains his strength. We love all of this.

With strong analytical skills, Matthias manages our projects. His field is, for instance, planning lightning deals, special deals as well as coupons and competition analysis. He is our expert for direct fulfilment (drop shipping) and direct import (FOB).

Get in touch with Matthias if you:

  • require a competition analysis of your competitors on Amazon,
  • are not sure which sales campaign is the right one for you at the moment,
  • would like to know to what extent drop shipping or direct import can be profitable for you.

Daniela Hartmann

Amazon Order Management

Cool outfits, eloquent and congenial – Voilá, Daniela! She is always well received. Because she tackles issues strong-willed and heartily. And she knows that she gets on best with remaining calm. Sometimes even in her cabriolet. She always keeps control and stays on track, unless she’s just heading back out to sea in the camper. Yes, this is Daniela. In real life and in our company. Honestly!

Daniela is expert for operative tasks and knows the Amazon supply chain off pat. Even at 3 o’clock in the night, she is able to recite ASIN, PO, ARN and ASN. Above all she manages the whole delivery process of our customers: from single packets to pallets up to whole containers.

Get in touch with Daniela if you:

  • want to optimise your supply chain to Amazon warehouses,
  • have questions on the right labelling of products,
  • need support for Amazon Order-Management.

Catharina Osterkamp

Project Manager

Catharina loves to play with her look and always try out new styles. She’s so changeable that she doesn’t even look like herself in the photo anymore. With us, however, she not only creates new hair colors, but also lots of uniquely appealing Amazon content. Her ideas are as refreshing as her freshly dyed head of hair. Catharina is bubbling over with creativity, and she brings that energy to every job. With passion and expertise from her current studies in Customer Relationship Management, she adds that extra something to every project.

Catharina is our expert when it comes to turning customer requests into reality. She works closely with our valued clients to best showcase their products on Amazon. Whether it’s crisp product descriptions, engaging marketing materials, or other requests, Catharina brings her creative side to bear.

Contact Catharina if:

  • you need assistance listing your products on Amazon,
  • you want to develop a content strategy to strengthen your brand,
  • you want to learn more about what it’s like to be a working student with us.

Fabian Kreißig

Project Manager

Fabi is a money-saver and a true genius when it comes to getting the most out of an advertising budget. He has mastered all the tricks of the trade. He juggles campaigns and keywords with ease and makes the competition look old. His strong thrifty instinct gives him remarkable control over the financial aspects. But it’s not just his expertise that impresses, but also his positive charisma. His optimism is infectious and he shines like a firework when he reaches a new milestone.

Fabian is THE professional when it comes to profitable Amazon campaign management. With his in-depth knowledge and creative approach, he knows all the tricks to generate the traffic you need.

Contact Fabian if:

  • you want to put your Amazon Ads campaigns to the test,
  • you want your PPC setup to be even more successful,
  • you are curious with which tricks you can still generate traffic.

We are looking for you!

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