A+ detail pages allow you to provide Amazon customers with richer, more detailed information to promote your products. An A+ detail page can help you increase sales, maintain customer interest, educate buyers about model variations and features, and build awareness of your brand.


Example standard product description vs. A+ detail page

Was bringen A+ Seiten?

Product descriptions designed with A+ detail pages tend to have a significantly higher conversion rate; that is, customers who click on your product are more likely to purchase the item.

In contrast to the classic product description on Amazon pages, A+ detail pages make it possible to include additional images, illustrations and graphics, the texts can be significantly more extensive and there are opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.


Für welche Artikel lohnt sich A+?

A+ detail pages are particularly worthwhile in these cases:

Erklärungsbedürftige Produkte

Due to the much more extensive possibilities, technical features can be presented much more comprehensively and the USP can be better demonstrated. The more comprehensive information provides greater credibility and positively sets you apart from the competition.

Artikel, für die Marketing-Kampagnen (AMS) durchgeführt werden

A+ plus content increases the conversion rate, so the AMS budget can be used more efficiently. Amazon marketing campaigns will drive high traffic to your product, many Amazon customers will land on your product detail page. The better the information on the page, the higher the probability of purchase.


For high-priced items, customers also expect a special and meaningful item description. The extensive options for enriching the product page with images and graphics through A+ significantly enhance the item description and are more likely to prompt the customer to make a purchase.

Produkte starker Marken

A+ is a great way to effectively and comprehensively present your brand story to pick up the potential customer and convince them to buy.

Produkte mit starkem Wettbewerb

Especially in competitive markets, it is particularly important to stand out from the competition with your articles. A+ detail pages are a great way to do this.

Generell für Artikel mit hohem Traffic (Bestseller, Amazon Choice, etc.)

The ROI is highest for high-traffic items, as the improved conversion rate will significantly increase sales.


Wie erstellen Sie Ihre eigenen A+ Detailseiten?

You create A+ pages yourself in your Amazon VendorCentral. Under Marketing > A+ Detail Pages you will find the corresponding tool for creating. As in many content management systems, the creation works by drag’n’drop, without the need for programming skills.

ASIN auswählen:

In the first step, select the ASIN, or ASIN family, for which you want to create the content. If you have grouped different products into variants, you can create the A+ content for all variants at once.

Template zusammenstellen:

Second, you choose up to 5 for your content from 11 different modules to define your layout for the A+ content. The modules range from simple banner images to comparison tables for cross-selling or upselling.

Content erstellen:

In step 3 you design your content, create the texts, upload images and icons. The rich text editor allows various formatting, such as bold, italic, underline and bullet points.

When editing product variants, you can create the basic content in a master template and then change only the variant details, such as size or color.

Vorschau Mobile / Desktop:

When you have saved your content, click Preview. You can see there in a new browser window how your content will look like on the Amazon detail page. Both for desktop view and for mobile view on cell phone or tablet.

You can also forward the static preview link (e.g. for a final company approval).

Zur Veröffentlichung einsenden:

After the final review, send in your content. Amazon checks again if all guidelines have been met and usually publishes it within 48 hours.

In case of any complaints, you will be informed by mail and can make the necessary corrections.


3 Tipps für guten A+ Content

1. Konsistenz:

Stay true to yourself, create recognition effects.

If possible, always use the same structure and templates for your brand. This way, you create a recognition effect with the Amazon customer and can better convey your brand message.

2. Cross- und Upselling:

On the A+ detail pages, you are the master of the content. Create overviews of complementary accessory items or reference your entire portfolio. You can also create a table with a product range to take advantage of the upselling potential.

3. Bildsuchbegriffe:

Since the summer 2018 update, image search terms must be specified when uploading images. While these terms are not displayed on Amazon’s product detail page, they are still relevant for screen readers and search engine optimization.


YellowSky Service

You don’t want to familiarize yourself with the topic yourself or you don’t have any capacities free?

The content experts at YellowSky have already created a great many A+ detail pages and know exactly what is important.

Please feel free to request your quote.

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